Capacitor Conversion Chart

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Capacitor Conversion Chart / Table 

Here is some capacitor letter tables. Usefull when need to find capacitor sizes fast.
1. table

2. table

So if started with capacitors, then i should continue.
What is capacitor and why we need it?  From what is it made of?

Capacitors are known as condensators. Capacitor is a two terminal electrical component. It is used to store energy electrostatically in an electric field. There are many types of practical capacitors but all of them have at least teo electrical conductor (plates) which are seperated by dielectric. The conductors are thin films which are made of metal, aluminum foil or disks, etc. So called 'nonconducting' dielectric is needed to increase capacitor`s charge capacity. Dielectric can be ceramic, glass, plastic film, air, paper, etc. Capacitors are widely used in electrical circuits, in most of common electric devices.

Mostly capacitors are used to stabilize voltage in electric circuits. We can`t use capacitors like a battery, because they have one problem. Capacitors loses all energy few moments after electricity stops flowing, because when eletricity stops flow there is no electric field in the electric circuits, so capacitor can`t hold his energy anymore.

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